Our Approach

It may seem obvious but at the core of our business is our people. Our billers are experts in their areas. Other billing companies use automated algorithms that promise fantastic results but lack the key elements of critical thinking and analysis. The advantage of working with real people is that we can see the nuances that an algorithm may not. Armed with years of experience and the knowledge that comes with it we can see what others may miss.

Our Story

After years of working in the industry we realized that one of the key elements that was missing was customer service. Armed with a strong desire to provide that elusive need and some of the best skills in the business, Rapid Response Billing was conceived. Billing services appear to be a commodity these days and where we try to distinguish ourselves is through first class service.

Meet the Team

Sumeeta Vazirani, Founder & CEO

Sumeeta Vazirani

Founder & CEO

Next Steps...

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